Investment Process

 The Investment process places a special emphasis on, among other considerations, the reputation of a target company’s shareholders and management, including the Market size and category, cash flow position, risks, direct and indirect competitors.
 The Final approval process involves a detailed overview of the Due Diligence, risk factors, Investment thesis, the following factors would be Accomplished prior to making any final Investment decision:
 A key factor to our success investing is taking and methodical approach to originating a strong and continuous pipeline of investment opportunities. This means we identify potential businesses early on and position our firm so that, ideally, we can be first in mind before a formal bidding process starts. Preparations are made early on to create a value-creation plan. The initial due diligence starts before we conduct substantial preparatory work to review the target company, the industry in which it operates and its competitors before an offer is ever made.
 After an opportunity is identified, our team conducts fundamental due diligence to determine the relative value of the potential investment and capital structure to determine the credit worthiness. Our due diligence approach typically incorporates meetings with management, facility/site visits, discussions with industry experts, and consultants to determine a proper valuation
 After developing case Studies, Consulting with our Industrial advisors, forming and testing our hypothesis, across four dimensions: market definition, size and penetration; market growth, profitability trends and out-look; competitive landscape; and key segment performance, After aligning incentives with priorities, we are usually prepared to underwrite the transaction, and proceed to closing.