Risk Management Approach back to team

21• Our Risk Management approach establishes accountability within leadership and policies to guide our internal decision making process.

• We are able to identify, manage, and mitigate the risks exposure eg. (Terrorism, cyber-attacks, kidnap, extortion, product contamination. Product recall, piracy, political risk, Price fluctuation risks), effectively, throughout the Investment Cycle.

• We give comprehensive insight of the regulatory, financials, technology, environmental, and geographical reach.

• We analyze, Quantify, Mitigate, and transfer risk through off-take agreements and Guarantees at risk operations.

• We bind events to their process sources, we continually evaluate our organizational, visions, missions, objectives, and strategies daily through outcomes-based measurements.

• We identify and mitigate concentration risks, liquidity risks, historical scenario risks, counterparty risks and values at risk within all of our various Portfolios