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Richard H. Stone

VP of Technology

VP of Petron Group LLP

Delaware Office



  • Humboldt State University

Work Experience

  • Richard H. Stone – CEO and the founder of EEFC and Co-Founder of POLESTAR, lead person working with the EXIM Bank, Private Investment Banks, and developer of EEFC business model. Environmental Energy & Finance Corporation (EEFC) is the creation of Richard Stone 7 years ago when Renewable Energy was just a word and the world was thinking about what to do when we run out of Oil and what to do with the increasing amount of garbage pollution and the Global Warming problems.

    Stone specializes in Financial Instruments, and Structuring debt and Equity Vehicles to allocate Capital to develop Renewable Energy Projects.

  • Stone developed his Environmental skills starting with R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller and later as the General manager with Advanced Environmental Services (AES a leading Technology company to decentralize large waste water treatment plants throughout the World. He developed the International Market and co-produced the Companies Business Plan to be able to obtain major financing.Stone worked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank to do a major housing development in El Salvador, Central America known as Globalhome Township which was going to be 2500 houses in the mid-income level and have its own waste water treatment, waste to energy, solar and a mini shopping center all within the development.Countries Traveled by Richard Stone for Projects and Negotiations

    1. Mexico
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. Haiti
    4. Belize
    5. Guatemala
    6. El Salvador
    7. Costa Rica
    8. Honduras
    9. Colombia
    10. Portugal
    11. Egypt
    12. Ghana
    13. South Africa
    14. Angola
    15. Somalia
    16. Djibouti
    17. Lebanon
    18. Israel
    19. Ecuador
    20. Iran
    21. France
    22. Italy
    23. Belgium
    24. Holland
    25. England
    26. Indonesia
    27. Thailand
    28. Vietnam
    29. Korea
    30. Japan
    31. Singapore
    32. Taiwan
    33. Canada
    34. United States
    35. Sweden
    36. India
    37. Philippines
    38. Kazakhstan
    39. Ukraine
    40. Argentina
    41. Peru
    42. Uruguay
    43. Hong Kong

    During the late 70’s and 80’s Stone was working in Disaster Relief as an expert in Refugee shelters and low-cost housing that developed his expertise in doing International Projects and was hired by many top relief agencies of the time such as World Vision, World Concern, World Relief, Food for the Hungry, United Nations, USAID and many more as their lead person to build temporary housing for the homeless.


  • Travel,Research,Technology