Private Equity

What is Private Equity?


Private equity firms often invest in undervalued companies and work with them to increase growth sustainability and value. Private equity provides resources, Debt capital, experience, and long-term vision while aligning the interest of the portfolio company with its investors


Why are Private Equity firms important to the Economy?


As of September 2014, private equity has generated a consistent 14.0% per annum over a ten-year period, whereas the S&P 500 Index returned 8.1%,

Private Equity Firms have distributed more than $1.4 Trillion to investors worldwide.

In the US private equity investments employ approximately 7.5 million workers.


What does a Private Equity Firm Do?


Private Equity firms help portfolio companies maximize their growth potential by introducing them to new customers and partners. Private Equity firms usually have in-house teams responsible for the engineering, technical, and managerial talent, required to add value throughout the finance, marketing, sales, HR, operations, legal corporate functions.