Investment Report

Harrisburg, PA Petron Group LLP (www.petron-group.com ) Plans to invest $32,000,000.00 for the acquisition of Greenway Innovative Energy Inc. (GIE) from UMED Holding Inc. a publicly traded company in Fort Worth, TX

Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UMED Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB): UMED), located in Fort Worth, TX is comprised of oil and gas professionals developing mobile, small and full scale Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) conversion units. The advancement of this technology will enable natural gas producers to achieve stronger financial performance through conversion of natural gas to clean synthetic fuels.

Product Overview

GIE, Inc. has commercialized a conveyable, standard Gas to Liquid Fuel Refinery that coverts natural gas into diesel fuel. Each unit has the capacity to produce 84,000 gallons of Diesel daily from an abundant and cheap source of fuel. The technology has very low maintenance to work. As a result of their distinctive quality, designed to be mounted on a regular flatbed truck, a Conversion Unit are often easily transported from one site to the next with very little effort from the operator. The key advantages of this moveable Conversion Unit is that the refinery is already onsite which means no refinery or transportation cost once it is positioned.

About Petron Group LLP

According to Isaac Udotong, Managing Partner of Petron Group, said. “We are very excited about this deal, this cutting edge technology will disrupt the Oil and gas Industry in ways we have never seen before in history”
“By investing in this technology we are able to covert natural Gas into Diesel and Distribute through our pre-existing Infrastructure through our Portfolio Company Petron Energy LLC, which means a light asset base with a stronger cash flow”

Petron Group LLP will transport the first unit at its operating oil fields in Pennsylvania at the oil wells, this will put Petron Group in a Position to take advantage of multiple oil wells that lack the technology to abstract Natural gas cost effectively, efficiently and environmentally sound all throughout the United States
The first unit will produce 84,000 Gallons of diesel per every 16,000 CF of natural gas which has a market value of daily according to the US Energy Information statistics diesel fuel was priced at $2.47 as of 2:00 PM Sept 07th 2015.

“Petron Group LLP is taking major steps forwards to invest in the most innovative technology while reducing our carbon footprint in the environment.” Stated, Steven Yagi, Operating Partner of Petron Group LLP.


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