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The most important agenda to us maintaining a culture employed by leadership performance, we believe that every Individual at our firm must be able to learn and also teach other members of the firm.We Source individuals with the right skills and track record, and we place a heavy emphasis on individuals with the right mental attitude: professionals who are prepared to think and act like owners.We take a rigorous approach to managing the capital tied up in the businesses we own. We work hard to understand where the capital is and exactly what it is doing at all times. Our Management teams typically owns 10% to 20% of the total equity from every investment, by doing this we maintain alignment of interest between our management team, and our Limited partners.

At Petron Group our Goals are aligned with our vision, mission and philosophy of the firms culture and behavior, Our 1000 year mission is to help our partners achieve their life long goals, we believe every goal must be challenging and measurable. All goals must have a specific end result, with a defined time Line. We Believe in team work that educates the Group to make better decisions through experiencing life challenges, through perseverance we are able to do more, know more, give more, and live more, and be more for our partners and colleagues, this is what motivates us.

Petron Group believes that performance lies at the root of our existence we are continuously  increasing our performance levels by attending training courses, pushing ourselves to levels beyond expectations, and delivering end results time after time. To test the suitability of our Employees we generally will conduct several interviews, and all employees before on-boarding will under go a Harrision Assesment test to help us Measure our performance every step of the way

Petron Group believes that leadership should be developed from top to bottom. We reward both on a team and Individual level. We encourage the team to turn ideas into viable projects, We hold the group Accountable as a whole for both rewards/failures. apoligize and Excuses are 1000% unacceptable with us. We cultivate an environment of Positive mental attitude that energizes the group to accomplish more, take more initiative, learn more, and of course to teach others the will and the ways of Petron Group.