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Harrisburg, PA April 12 2015 Petron Energy LLC,a leading Oil and Gas Company with office at Harrisburg, PA has recently signed up with Axletree Solutions Inc., world-leader in SaaS based SWIFT connectivity and Treasury Automation Solutions.

“Axletree offers the best treasury management solutions in the market today. And because we want to provide the best service to our clients, we work only with the experts”, says Petron Energy LLC CEO Isaac Udotong.



Investment Report

Harrisburg, PA Petron Group LLP ( )  to invest $32,000,000.00 for the acquisition of Greenway Innovative Energy Inc. (GIE) from UMED Holding Inc. a publicly traded company in Fort Worth, TX


Petron Group LLP (“Petron”) endorses UNPRI for its movement in responsible investing (UNPRI).

“If we are to ensure the long-term sustainability of our funds and portfolio businesses, then we must pay attention to issues on environmental, social and corporate governance. This is why it was very important for us to join the UNPRI,” explains Petron’s Group Managing Partner Isaac S Udotong. “For too long, businesses have been focused on their bottom lines, disregarding the communities and environments where these businesses are located. But this mind set cannot continue forward. Events such as climate changing, degradation of natural resources and social unrest within our midst action had to be taken. As a leading private equity firm, we realize the power we hold in changing how business is conducted.”



Petron Group LLP Private Equity Firm

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Isaac Udotong Managing Partner of Petron Group LLP

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