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Isaac S Udotong Private Equity Firm

Isaac S Udotong

Managing Partner

CEO and President of Petron Energy LLC

Delaware Office


  • Isaac S Udotong holds B. Eng degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Benin, Nigeria.
  • He serves on the boards of many for profit and non-profits organizations in the United States and Africa
  • Mr. Udotong’s name is listed in the Presidential Prayer Team’s Founder’s Book for his efforts at mobilizing millions of Americans to pray daily for our President, our Leaders, our Nation, and our Armed Forces.

Work Experience

  • Isaac S Udotong worked  for many Fortune 500 companies including Harris Corporation, General Electric, Lucent Technologies, Conectiv Energy, EMC, NASA, Ford Motor Company and GlaxoSmithKline, and also for the financial sector, including World Bank, GE Capital, Ford Credit, Merrill Lynch, Citadel, Africa Development Bank and Central Bank of Nigeria.


  • Politics,Skydiving, Technology