The governance structure applies to the funds it manages is outlined below.

An Investment Committee staffed by senior employees of Petron Group are responsible for making recommendations regarding investment decisions for the funds.
Day-to-day management of the funds’ affairs is delegated to senior Members including industry specialists, consultants with skills and experience specific to the operations within the funds’ portfolio. They are supported by sector-based teams such as Renewable Energy, IT, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, and communications. Additional teams oversee specific functions including legal, company secretarial, compliance, finance, taxation, HR, and corporate communications.
An Advisory Panel, a consultative body made up of individuals with experience in areas that fall into the funds’ investment focus, provides advice to the IC from time to time on a range of industry sub-sectors and Brazil, India, and USA jurisdictions.

The role of the Advisory Panel is to:
provide an external viewpoint on strategic and commercial issues provide valuable local input in relation to investments and the countries where they are located identify investment opportunities and facilitate the investment process.
An Investor’s Committee (IC), comprised of a number of the funds’ major Limited Partners, provides a forum for communication with Petron Group and to approve certain matters.
Petron Group Directors are:
Steven S Yagi
Isaac Udotong
Anil Kumar Singh
Uta Nkposong
As managing Partner roles include:
sourcing, screening, and structuring potential investments
managing the funds’ investments, including appointing Nominees to the boards of portfolio companies in which we own, determining the proper capital structure optimization strategies, and identifying and assisting our portfolio companies to find higher Value,