ESG Management

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Commitment Statement

  • By creating long standing value for our Partners by developing a more sustainable long-term approach for our funds and portfolios, we believe our Investments should benefit our employee’s, stakeholders, and the community as a whole.
  • Petron’s commitment to the Environment meets or exceeds the USA and European Environmental Protection Agencies codes, as an industry leader, we take the position as a firm that seeks opportunities for investments that produce significant social and environmental benefits.


  • Petron actively places capital in enterprises that generate social or environmental goods, services or ancillary benefits (such as creating jobs), with financial returns surpassing well above market conditions


  • We treat our employees, Partners, Shareholders, equally without Prejudice to race, color, religion, ethnicity, creed, pregnancy medical condition, marital status, partnership status, sexual preference, age, nationality, citizenship status, veteran and military status, domestic violence victim status, gender identity, genetic information, disability status as unemployed, political connection or other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.
  • We seek to ensure that Petron’s Group employees and portfolio companies comply with the highest code of ethical practices.
  • We believe our activities should not only benefit our employees and stakeholders, but the community as a whole.


  • We ensure that our businesses have the appropriate legal framework, and practices comply fully, with all applicable laws and regulations even as new ones come into effect.
  • We maintain Petron’s reputation by being diligence, honest, fair and transparent, Professional in all of our business dealings.