Differentiation Process back to team

The List of private Equity firms that provide long term sustainability in the North American Investment Sector can be differentiated by apply these 5 easy to follow methodologies.
1. Does the management team have any corporate experience running a business or just an MBA in Business?

2. How long has the management team known each other?

3. How much does the firm charge in management fees?

4. What is the firm’s compensation policy?

5. Who is the most influential person in the firm’s network that would be willing to provide a recommendation?

By asking these questions you are able to know whether or not their investment strategy and philosophy is based on theory or actual experience. You will be able to know how motivated the firm at performing its goals and objectives. And whether or not the firm would be aligned with the investor best interest in mind, and it’s always important to note what influences are driving the firm’s success.