Industry Focus

Our team investment focus is in utility-scale renewable energy projects in USA, South Africa and India using proven, efficient, regulatory approved technologies such as Waste to Fuel, Solar, Renewable resources, and quantum Technologies. We focus on control investments that deliver long lasting intrinsic value to our investors. By retaining the top industry talents we are able we are able to generate higher returns at a fraction of the cost. We find these investments Attractive



    Increasingly governments are turning to renewable sources. It has become apparent that reliance on fossil fuels is not feasible in the long term due not only to the finite amount of fossil fuels but the readiness of governments in possession of fossil fuels to withdraw them for political maneuvering. If these issues were not cause enough for pursuing renewable energy sources, there is also great concern regarding providing clean energy solutions to meet the stringent carbon emissions restrictions. It is known that many people are taking their environmental responsibility seriously and there will come a time when consumers will opt for energy providers offering clean, renewable alternatives.

    Whilst we know that the supply of fossil fuels is not in immediate danger of exhaustion it has been demonstrated that early adopters and those investing in innovation are poised to take advantage of the current trend for a clean future of energy. This is true both in the West as well as for developing countries alike.



    We live in an age where we are bombarded with a multitude of different media. Consumers are desensitized to the constant influx of images, adverts and offers yet people still buy. Why is it that consumer spending is up and was so, even during times of recent recession? Branding is the answer. The power of the brand is unparalleled and no consumer is immune. Even during times of austerity a huge proportion of the population will not sacrifice the brands they identify with. With technology being updated faster than we can buy it there is a captive audience pursuing the latest products.

    At the other end of the spectrum is he FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market, which by the very title is a rapid pace market. Consumable products with a relatively short shelf life are in constant demand and buyers continually replenish their supply. Although the unit prices for these types of goods are relatively low, the volumes they are purchased in is vast. This makes for a dynamic but consistently predictable market.



    The supply and transportation of products is a complex and multi faceted operation. As such there is huge potential in exploring opportunities to simplify and streamline procedures. The management of the supply chain is key in delivering efficient projects. Profits lie in minimizing the use of resources and eliminating links in the supply chain. Disproportionate quantities of logistical operations are manual and here also lies opportunities for automation. Maybe surprisingly, there are still many organizations that do not take full advantage of the ‘Just In Time’ model.



    The global mining and metals business is concentrated on future growth through enlarged production, while not losing sight of operational effectiveness and value optimization. The world is faced with the multiplied challenges of adjusting the demand while overcoming barriers such as licenses, qualified skills to create strong revenue for our Portfolio companies and Investors. We believe this sector is prominent because too many institutions and governments are dependent on this sector. This coupled with the high value of the resources themselves, we will therefore continue pursuing Investment in this Sector.



    Population growth is exponential. At the current growth rate, the world’s population will reach 12 billion people by 2050. The world’s population needs to be fed. It is an incontestable truth that investment in agriculture will experience gargantuan return. If production can match the proliferation in the population then industries thrive. If production lags, prices increase. In either scenario the outcome for the investor is favorable.

    Even better news is that agriculture and food production will not be limited to the more traditional Western exploits. Cattle and suchlike are expensive to rear and farmers are limited to one or two breeding seasons per year. These challenges are negated by ‘smart farming’, also known as ‘precision agriculture’. Still, insects are garnering huge interest from futurologists. Although insects are widely eaten in some parts of the world the West has not yet exploited them. It is inevitable that humans will have to seek more abundant forms of protein and insects are the answer. The Netherlands is investing vast sums in research and is already drafting legislation for insect farms. This is just one of many imminent food trends. The Netherlands is investing vast sums in research and is already drafting legislation for insect farms. This is just one of many imminent food trends.



    Over 30 years of doing business with various Governments and working with environmental regulatory bodies we have learned that this can be very time consuming, So we seek project developers that have the skills and connections to get the project ready for our capital injection to build out the project to completion. We typically require for land, permits, licenses, government approvals to be obtain before we would be interested in taking over the portfolio. This reduction in lead time is an essential part of our business model.

    It is our priority to ensure all aspects of the projects are anticipated. From goals to possible obstacles, the diligent approach we take ensures that every outcome is identified prior to consuming significant resources. Common concerns are spiraling costs, delays in delivery and underachieving expectations. Our talent procurement and principles ensure that projects meet the specifications on time and within budget. A reputation such as this secures repeat orders. As with all projects there is an end date. This temporary nature of projects means profits are absolute.