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Petron Energy LLC Amps Effort, Partners with Axletree Solutions Inc. for Optimal Finance Solutions


Harrisburg, PA

Petron Energy LLC a leading Oil and Gas Company with office at Harrisburg, PA has recently signed up with Axletree Solutions,world-leader in SaaS based SWIFT connectivity and Treasury Automation Solutions.

Axletree offers the best treasury management solutions in the market today. And because we want to provide the best service to our clients, we work only with the experts”, says Petron Energy LLC CEO Isaac S Udotong.“Working with Axletree is a crucial step to our business as we prepare to engage in various emerging markets. We expect a demand for project financing as more companies engage in the development of clean technology and environment-friendly infrastructures. As this demand increases, it is important for us to be able to manage our funds appropriately, provide real value to our clients, as well as communicate with them effectively. Axletree helps us do all of that and more. He continues.“At present, Axletree has helped us automate our systems, which has resulted into more streamlined processes and reduced operational costs. It has helped us to focus on what we do best –finding companies to finance and providing optimum returns to our clients”. Petron Energy LLC investment philosophy lies on prudence and financial discipline. “We make investments in portfolio companies that have proven track record, are market leaders in their field, and have a definable competitive advantage over its market segment”, says Isaac Udotong. Unlike other Oil and Gas Companies, we have our own private equity firm,which operates globally and has long-term relationships with both their investors and portfolio companies. As such, it is important for the company to be able to correctly evaluate economic indicators such as inflation, unemployment and economic output. Through its team of former CEOs from various industries,the company is able to do just that, Petron Group LLP analyzes the concentration risk, liquidity risk, historical scenario risk, counter-party risk and value at risk of their various funds on a daily basis.From its investment opportunities to exit investments, the team has to analyze the prevailing industry conditions, the depth of the market, and the role of an investment to Petron Group’s strategic plan in order for them to make final decisions.

It is in this respect that Axletree is most useful. Amar Deo Singh Advisor of Petron Group LLP said. “Because Axle tree’s systems are fully automated, it not only reduces manual work, it also enables us to receive real time cash and liquidity reports across various geographies, business entities and currencies, and we are able to see our cash positions immediately.” Richard H Stone Vice President of Petron Group LLP Said. “For a company whose main value is trust, it is important for Petron Energy LLC to have timely and accurate cash information in order for the team to have better control of debt and investment portfolios. Steven Yagi operating Partner of Petron Group LLP said. “Our number one priority is to serve the needs of our investors. This commitment is reflected in a culture that values integrity, professionalism and a passion for excellence. We chose Axletree because it helps us do all of these for our clients without compromise.” For more info about this press release please contact Petron Energy LLC for more information contact.


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