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7 tips on retaining top management

Managing Partner of Petron Group LLP

In all my years of being the CEO of various companies, I have learned that by creating a culture where the best management want to work, you need to treat people with respect and consideration at all times.

As an example when I was CEO of Isatong Inc. I always showed respect to everyone that worked for me, and I received the same respect in returned, I set high performance Standards for my company, and I never had a problem with my guys following order. I have learned over the years, that the best way to maximize your best employees is to place them in positions where they will have an influence over the company. If the position doesn’t work out try moving them to another position that capitalizes on their strengths and experience.

In all my years of business I have learned the following ways are truly the best methods in retaining top Industry talent.

Create a Candid work environment.  Give feedback on work performed and listen to the concerns of your employees. Be open and listen to new ideas.  Accept suggestions for problem-solving.  Be available and open when your employee asks for your guidance.  Keep your top talent informed about what is happening with the company – If there are problems or set-backs, communicate this

Create an environment that makes your employees feel good about coming to work every day. Make your employees feel special, by greeting them by their first name, assuring job security, letting them know what their role and responsibility are to the company. Get their input about the company, and how to improve it, You should always Encourage goal-setting, and make them take ownership for their initiative    Attracting top talent starts with building a business that people want to be part of “ build an exciting company that are always on a  mission to solve major problems in the world, and  good people will want to work for you.

Provide opportunities to grow and learn Provide tuition for continuing education classes.  Give challenging and stimulating work.  Tap into their passion and allow them to focus their time and energy on projects they can enjoy.  Let them know what opportunities are available for them to grow with the company.

Reward good work.  Cash bonuses are always great, but recognition of a job well done goes a long way in creating loyalty. Recognition must be specific In order to retain top talent, you must make them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile.  Do not undervalue or employees or they will look elsewhere. Be sincere because Top talent is smart enough to detect flattery.

Know who you are hiring successfully begins with defining who you are and figuring out what set of skills you are looking for. In other words, the exercise of creating a job description in many respects is more important than the document itself. You have to really think about what your company is doing, where you are at and what your culture is, and what your vision is for the future, once you define it and then hire for it.”

Focus on the drivers of your company Instead of placing the responsibility of company culture in the hands of the CEO Every employee should think of driving the company culture as his or her own company, in order to work for the best company,

you must be the best company. Center your company on life improvements: inspirational conferences, merit raises, educational continuity, and career paths.

It’s not about being perfect, you have to admit when you make a mistake, because it builds trust between you and your employees. “I talk far more about my personal failures than I do any of my accomplishments because its part of life, and we all can relate to this.”

Learn what makes your employees tick Employees are the bridge between your business and the customer. Keep your employees happy and engaged, and if the industry presents more complicated challenges you will have the support to help you grow your company. Your Employment culture reflects your vision for the future and long-term talent acquisition needs. Your Culture should accurately reflects your business as a “great place to work” it helps to ensure a continual stream of qualified applicants over extended periods of time, as well as decreases internal turnover rates. If your employment culture reflects a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing, that culture should be evident to new hires from day one. Having employees live and breathe your employment Culture is the best way to gain recognition when you implement team oriented goals you’re giving everyone a chance to work together.

Make Sure the Employee matches your culture and Values Using assessments for cognitive and social abilities offers a strong indication of how well an applicant may fit into your organization, When conducting interviews apply well-constructed questions, have your current top performers read the description and answer the interview questions. . For example, I normally require a minimum of four interviews before making a decision. It very important for you know how much edge your employees have, most applicants are trained to do interviews very well. I seldomly look at educational achievements as a basis for hiring, I spend more time looking at the challenges they’ve overcame, and how well they can handle diversity. Your job descriptions must be clear but also flexible against change Let them be creative, communicating clearly to your employees lets them know your expectations, and what satisfies you